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Making Rhythm Work for Your Company.

There is no better way to tell a story than by experiencing it.

Your message wrapped in a musical, visual spectacle designed to get your company’s message across. That’s what the DRUMPEOPLE do.

Our team is specialized in creating inspiring and outstanding moments for corporate events. By use of high-standard and effective musical, technical, and visual elements we translate your corporate DNA, your ideas and goals into performances that fit like a glove.

Conferences. Product Launches. Client Days. Team Events. Branch Fairs. You name it!

making rhythm work for your company.

Bestseller: LED’s Have A Ball.

Our groundbreaking visual percussion acts full of lights, colours and exciting rhythm & music uplifts your meeting, conference or party

Our workflow

Recent clients

Thank you, Franc, for the great contribution to our yearly get-together!

Incredible artistry, functional flexibility, seemingly effortless perfection!

De LED’s Have a Ball show met energizer op onze Inspiratiedag 2017 was zo overtuigend: we willen jullie weer boeken!

Wat waren dat fantastisch optredens voor onze mensen. Het waren 4 geweldige middagen!

That was a smart thing you did there!

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