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Making Rhythm Work for Your Company.

The DrumPeople were founded in 1995 by Franc auf dem Brinke and Arie den Boer. They both graduated from Codarts Rotterdam in the years before and both have a dual background in classical as well as contemporary music. Now was the time to start their own group!

Arie and Franc invite colleagues Rob Klerkx (Moke), Pepijn van den Boogaard (IOS) and Martijn Klaver (Hans Liberg) with whom they start experimenting with material originating from the USA theatre group Stomp and modern classical percussion composers like John Cage and Steve Reich. Eventually they find the inspiration to create their own materials.

The first -well recieved-show is realized and performed a year later without subsidies in several theatres in The Netherlands.

After this rather interesting start Arie & Franc decide to offer their percussive expertise to sponsors. This results in a large variety of asignments and provides them with new experiences in the fields of composing, staging, scripting, etc.

The group goes through a transitional period in 2000.

After 5 years of teaching as Principal Drumset teacher at the Prince Claus Conservatory Groningen, Franc starts as Head of Ethnic Percussion Dept at the University of Amsterdam in 2001 and decides to concentrate on his career as jazz musician, educator and teamtraining facilitator. Also he founds his Brazilian percussion group Sambacá. This group periodically fills the gap left by the -at that point inactive- DrumPeople and very succesfully does shows for a number of sponsors, amongst whom are Ahold, Nike and Heineken.

In the same decade Arie becomes busier and busier outside of the DrumPeople. Soon after he actually becomes the ‘nr. 1 in demand’ drummer for a lot of shows and artists both live and on tv in The Netherlands. His portfolio includes Balkanopolis, Metropole Orchestra, Richard Bona, Ernst Daniel Smit.

In the mean time the corporate show world becomes increasingly more demanding year after year, which makes it impossible eventually for Franc to keep working with the Sambaca group, which is largely dependent on amateur percussionists.
Arie and Franc decide to pick up on DrumPeople together again in 2009. The collaboration that Franc initiated with Willemijn van Hussen and her BlueLuna Artist Management before inspires to create a competely new group under the same name. In 2011 DrumPeople becomes a trio with Vincent Spitters as the third man, an agile foundation. And occasionally extra percussionists with specific expertises or -for instance- to make the group a mix of boys and girls, are added.

Since then the group has grown into its current posture: DrumPeople now offers high-end and unique customized shows with percussive spectacle and advanced technical elements.

Franc auf dem Brinke
(bandleader, creative director, composer, drummer/percussionist)

Arie den Boer
(co-bandleader, co-creative director, repetitor, drummer/percussionist)

Vincent Spitters
(junior-everything, drummer/percussionist)

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