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All shows are suitable for openings, conferences and every type of event.

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Industrial Materials

The DrumPeople keep the tradition alive of the creative performances of Stomp and the Blue Man Group. Ingredients: rhythm, movement and humour and the use of a diversity of common everyday industrial objects.

3 Drum Kits

3 drummers in a stylish battle full of energy, fun and groovy rhythms. Very suitable for chique, hip events that need a refreshing intermezzo.

LED Balls

Amazing visual spectacle with immense responsive balls eventually turns the audience into participants.

The automobile industry have created great percussion objects without even realizing it. We succesfully tap roofs, shut doors and honk horns for decades now. Let our experienced rhythm-chauffeurs introduce you to the exciting world of car sounds.

Cars & Wrecks

Flash Mobs

Create attention for your brand or product in an original way and realize momentum by a well-thought through flash mob. Anything goes, people won't forget that they were there...

A well-planned surprise act in your working space during office hours. A great way to mark a milestone or honour a colleague.

Office Attack!

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